The SEO Services Process A successful search engine optimization campaign is designed from the ground up. At SEO Services we use a proven strategy to ensure that your website reaches the top of Google and other search engines. After your first month’s payment is received we take the following steps to outline your SEO strategy.

Step one, we schedule a twenty to forty minute introductory call with you and our SEO strategists to get better acquainted with your business. The focus of the conversation is to understand your business’s unique offerings, identify your competitors, and establish your goals.

Step two, we conduct a full competitive analysis of your website and your industry. By analyzing your competitor’s traffic and your industry’s top keywords we are able to build the best landing pages for long term success.

Step three, we conduct a full website review including an in-depth site architecture analysis, on-page SEO recommendations, and additional content that can be added to your website that will improve your organic ranking.

Step four, we provide an extensive list of recommended keywords for each page we will be targeting on your website. Additionally, we note the volume of organic traffic that can be obtained using the recommended keywords.

Step five, we take time to answer any questions you might have about our SEO strategy. After the keywords and targeted pages are agreed upon website changes can be implemented. If you are unable to make the website changes yourself one of our staff web developers can assist with any site modifications.

Step six, enjoy access to our exclusive reporting system which provides daily ranking updates, traffic, and backlinks. We also provide weekly ranking reports and a comprehensive monthly report.

Best of all, any online content or account that we set up is permanent and we provide you with full access to everything we create. We work as your online marketing partner to establish a long term strategy for all of our clients. Our first priority is to ensure that your SEO campaign is making money for your company. Our success is based on your satisfaction.

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