The 3 Golden Rules to Social Bookmarking: Get Traffic, Get Backlinks, and SAVE TIME! Check out this great method for online social bookmarking:

True link diversity
Computers can never simulate 100% what real people do, so we get thousands of other REAL people to add your websites to services for loads of automated social bookmarking!

Completely Based on the Web
Which means you will not have to install anything for social bookmarking on your computer. It is completely online. This works on Mac, PC, Linux, even your tablet or smart phone. It is constantly updated (for free) to remain cutting edge. You have to see it for yourself. The interface for social bookmarking is extremely easy to use:

NEW! We’ve Integrated Social Bookmarking with Twitter!
Our mission is to use social bookmarking to build backlinks for your quality content to reach more people and spread the word about your sites. Search engines are now using “social signals” in their rankings, so adding an automated Twitter link builder just made sense!

This Online Social Bookmarking Service Even PINGs Automatically!
We automatically ping the social media account pages to increase the speed at which search engines discover and index your links! How many other social bookmarking services do that?

Are you Getting the Idea? Our Social Bookmarking is Fully Automated!
Submissions to each social bookmarking service are done completely automatically. You simply set your bookmark ONCE (spintax is highly recommended) and then there is NO other manual typing, dragging & dropping, or any other nonsense like that. This KILLS OnlyWire and other alternatives. Let our social bookmarking service work even while you sleep.

Reports Generated in Real-Time
Do you like statistics? Our social bookmarking service will tell you how many times your bookmark has been shared so you can always know how your campaign is going. Check it out:

Oh Yeah, and It’s FREE!
Free social bookmarking? With this many features? Honestly, you will probably end up paying for a higher volume package once you experience how powerful this service is. That’s exactly what happened to me. I’m a “Link Addict” now thanks to SocialADR.

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