Los Angeles City Council Hearing – November 8, 2016 – Part 1

The Hermitage Project:
All eyes are on the CIty Council for the controversial Hermitage project.

A 26 Small lot Subdivision proposal that demolishes rent-control housing, dozens of mature trees, habitat to wildlife, removes public parking, relinquishes a public street, evicts long time residents…It may sound like just another day in the city of Los Angeles.

This case has more to it.

Developers known as Urban-Blox are an LLC based out of Delaware. They have proven to be an UNregistered LLC in the state of California. According to the Franchise Tax Board, according to the Secretary of State and according to a handful of attorneys, makes their real-estate transactions illegal, and nullifies any current agreements that may be in the works.

Bringing us to the next point:
A 21 year resident who has dedicated her life to preserving and restoring the Hermitage property had a mutual agreement that in the event the owners decided to sell, they would sell to her.

In early 2015 one of the owners grandson’s appeared out of thin air and took it upon himself to shop his grandmothers property to developers, unbeknownst to her.

To make one of the longest stories ever heard as short as we can, both property owners had no knowledge they had entered into a purchase agreement with Urban-Blox, which was allegedly signed by said owners.
Furthermore, Urban-Blox has sued both owners – 2 elderly women, attempting to obtain their property by way of extortion.

Urban-Blox has also issued letters to writers of the media and residents who have been vocal about opposing their projects, threatening to sue members of the public who write about all their wrongs.
Research has provided a wealth of knowledge into Urban-Blox and its founder Raffi Shirinian and partners Rebecca and David Duel.

Some of the dirtiest developers in the city – who have never actually built anything.

We continue to be incredibly disappointed by the City Councilmembers who have issued a pardon to developers like Urban-Blox, exempting them from ethics, morals, legal standards and good ol’ fashion law abiding.

Urban-Blox has one of the top lobbying firms at City Hall: Glaser, Weil, Fink, Howard, Avchen & Shapiro, LLP working to ensure their proposals slide right on through. You can see Attorney Elisa Paster in this video as she further feeds false data to the council.

This video is an excellent example of the dynamic between the city Attorney’s office, the Department of Planning and the City Council.

We urge you to participate in the planning process in your neighborhood to increase awareness of these important issues and to play a role in changing it.

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