How to Optimize Multiple Keywords Per Page

How to Optimize Multiple Keywords Per Page
If you have hundreds of target keywords, it doesn’t make sense to optimize a page
around each one of them. Not only is this expensive and time-consuming, but it can also
set you up for a Google Panda penalty. In this video you’ll learn when it makes sense to
target more than one keyword per page and how to tackle this tricky optimization
process, step-by-step.
Video Transcript
Hey what’s up everybody, it’s Brian Dean from Quick Sprout and in this video, I’m going to
show you how you can determine whether or not you should target multiple keywords per
page, and if so how to optimize your pages around multiple keywords.
Your first step is to log in to Google Ad Words, click on tools analysis, and then click on
keyword planner. Then click on search for keyword and ad group ideas and if you’re
considering optimizing your single page around multiple keywords you want to put very
specific keywords into this box. You don’t want to put something like social media, or SEO,
or even something specific like Twitter marketing, because that’s still too broad to find
multiple low search volume, but closely related keywords.
So you want to put something like Google Plus SEO, because that’s very specific, it’s about
how Google Plus impacts SEO, and then you want to click on get ideas. Then click on the
keyword ideas tab. As you can see the keyword Google Plus SEO gets 170 average monthly
searches. So what you want to do at this point is look to see if there are any other low search
volume, but closely related keywords that have the same searcher intent, and by searcher
intent I mean what is the mindset behind the person searching for the keyword Google Plus
Well, that’s someone who wants to see how Google Plus impacts SEO. Now that’s very
different than someone searching for Google SEO, because that’s someone that’s just
searching for general information about how to optimize their site for Google. So you want
to create a separate page around the keyword Google SEO and for Google Plus SEO you may
want to find some
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