How to make money, when your business is SEO

Guests: Ammon Johns, Dawn Anderson, Tony Dimmock, Tim Capper and Craig Campbell.
This is the first in a series of roundtable discussions on “Digital Marketing as Business”. This session about SEO, not in the technical applications, but SEO as a business. Our panel are SEOs with experience in all aspects of SEO business, covering in-house, freelance, and of course in most cases, running their own agencies. We’ll be discussing all aspects of the business side of SEO services. How can SEO companies best businesses survive the first year? What should you do to make money, not to lose it? Should you take a loan? A Partner? Should you partner with your classmate? What not to do… 1001 questions.

It is impossible to cover everything during a 1-hour, free format chat. That’s why this is the first in a series of chats. Impossible or not, you can be sure this session will cover a huge amount.

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