ASP.NET 4 Optimization Techniques – Part 1

This video is conceived and created by Ravi Nangunoori, MVP and Team. This first part of four part series on ASP.NET 4 Optimization Techniques series on web site would discuss what Optimization means in an ASP.NET web application context. This video also give a basic introduction to entry to senior developers a much overlooked features of web application development process i.e., Optimization consideration. This video talks about in particular why a response time or latency times are important for ASP.NET 4 pages, and what is meant by Scale Up and Scale OUT processes are. This video introduces the fundamental concepts of where the need for Optimization is such as WebFarms/Gardens, SQL Server Replication and Dedicated Servers for Services for increasing Response, reducing Latency and Balancing Loads on web site. Also introduces on how to implement ASP.NET 4 Configuration and Optimization techniques in .ASPX pages to achieve the objectives of implementing Optimization in a web site. This 4 Part series (will be releasing shortly as a premium video series on covers a wide array of optimization techniques designed specifically to decrease request/response times of ASP.NET pages, reduce latency, and increase the perceived performance of the user interface. Optimization techniques may apply at your systems architecture, through your application configuration, within your application code, and even down to the resources your application utilizes.

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